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Pilgrim - Walking Into The Forest
Heavypsychsound | LP | 19 €

Gabriele Fiori, already frontman of Rome based outfits BlackRainbows and Killer Boogie and a key figure in Europe's heavyunderground as the head of the Heavy Psych Sounds label andbooking agency, was not exactly lacking for things to do. Andyet, a couple years back, The Pilgrim started to nebulouslytake shape as an idea for a solo project, something differentthan the hard driving psychedelia and garage heavy rock forwhich he'd already been so revered. With Walking into theForest, Fiori evokes a sound that is both classic and fresh,melodically rich and creatively constructed. It is a new outletfor Fiori that demands spiritual as well as auditoryengagement, and an all things permissible sonic context thatone can only hope The Pilgrim continues to explore.

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