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Little Villains - Philthy Lies
Heavypsychsound | LP | 19 €

The LITTLE VILLAINS debut album -Philthy Lies- is a half hour slice of rock n roll dream cake! Somehow as if Heaven sent a rare treat, we are able to experience the exceptional and ferocious talent of late Phil @Philthy Animal@ Taylor one more time! Yes, the very same Philthy Animal Taylor that provided the pioneering backbeats to all the albums as a member of the classic lineup of the iconic rock group MOT├ľRHEAD. Coupled with the solid hook led songwriting and guitar craft from Mr. James A Childs who also fronts the desert rock band AVON, and the youthful thrashing energetic bass guitarist Owen Street of the Welsh Sludge duo VAILS makes for a Killer combination! The band's rapport is evident throughout the record, the relaxed and candid approach is captured complete with repartee. Like a nomad scene from the Mad Max Road Warrior movie, cars fully laden with instrumental weaponry sped across the desert. Tracks were laid for the album at Unit A Studios in Palm Springs, California in February 2007. Philthy Lies was produced and engineered on 2 inch tape by James A Childs with Unit A-s owner Robbie Waldman assisting the session. Recently, James has carefully carved the record-s sound to maximum justice from the original tapes from mix to master, and it is some of his best work to date. Philthy Lies is a testament to Philthy Animal Taylor's professionalism and is proof that he was still every bit the rock and roll giant, even 15 years after his departure from MOT├ľRHEAD!

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