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Luening, Otto & Vladimir Ussachevsky - Tape Recorder Music
Luening, Otto & Vladimir Ussachevsky - Tape Recorder Music
Cacophonic | LP | 21

Here's a truly fascinating curio from all the way back in 1952, which is almost certainly before you were born. If I was born in 1952 then on my actual birthday I'd be older than I am now. Anyway, here's a fascinating LP of tape recorder experiments from back then, some of which sound futuristic even now.As you'd expect from tape recorder experiments of this era, the source material is often of a classical nature, so you get a single flute layered into a multifaceted flurry of breathy notes, weird backwards recordings and tones blended into an alien mush. There's handy descriptions of what's happening in each track on the sleeve, too, to help the listener make sense of the impressionistic swamp of curious sounds that they'll encounter throughout the record. It can be a little bit dry and in places more interesting than entertaining but this is fascinating stuff.

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