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Cover of: Various - Dusty Ballroom Vol.2
Dusty Ballroom Vol.2
Stag-o-lee | LP | 19 €

Here-s Dusty Ballroom-s 2nd set of sides / a rather eclectic, swingin blend of some 1940s Jump Blues, 50s exotic Mambo, kinky DooWop, wild eastern Surf and Hawaiian Rock-n-Roll, a coupla burlesque Instros and even a bit of groovy Twist and Soul. Or as Harvey summed it up so neat / ANYWAY YOU WANTA!/br|This record is part of an on/going series dedicated to some often overlooked golden age dancefloor thrillers. We dearly hope you dig this as much as we do and perhaps you will tune in on the next volume as well../br|Elmo Lewis is part of the DUSTY BALLROOM Collective, shakin the Berlin analog music scene since 2008./br|As mentioned on Volume 1 *have you got it yet_(, over time we need to give nods ^amp< winks to the staff of several venues, lots of live artists wonderfully dedicated to old music, a few select DJs and of course those jumpin ^amp< jivin cats ^amp< kittens oddly enough returning to our all/nighters / you all rock and roll!/&div|/div|For the present selection Elmo wishes to especially thank Adam, Laura, Nathaniel ^amp< Franziska for their ongoing support to dig in the Dust and helping keep the vibes up and the Time Tunnel-s eyelid open.Tracklist 1. Yma Sumac / Gopher 2>13 2. Stefi Akos / Mariguana Cha Cha 2>58 3. The bonnie Sisters / Cry Baby 2>21 4. The Chips / Rubber Biscuit 2>04 5. Harvey Fuqua / Anyway you Wanta 2>42 6. The Quarter Notes / Oriental Rock 1>54 7. Sounds Incorporated / Taboo 2>37 8. Ted Heath ^amp< his Orchestra / Shish Kebab 2>2Side 2 1. Puddle Jumpers / Snake Charmer 2>01 2. Slim ^amp< Slam / Tutti Frutti 2>36 3. Louis Jordan ^ his Timpany Five / You run Your Mouth ^ I-ll run my Business 2>33 4. Eartha Kitt / Honolulu Rock/a/Rolla 1>45 5. Jay Epae / Putti Putti 2>20 6. Lil Anthony ^amp< the Imperials / I-m Alright 2>06 7. Mel Tormé / Right Now 2>13 8. Ron Goodwin Orchestra / Murder she says 2>00 9. Barney Kessel / Honey Rock 2>10

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