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Cover of: Various - Division Avanzada Independiente Vol.2
Division Avanzada Independiente Vol.2
Atemporal | LP | 21 €

División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) was a collective of musicians that was formed in the early 1980s in Valencia and could compare with similar movements such as the B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation) , its Member initial were Jose Luis Macias (Glamour, Tomates Electricos, Europa and Ultima Emación), Miguel F.Jim (Proceso Inverso, Psiko Psiko and Radio Klara), Fco.Jose Galán (Tomates Electricos, Fanzine and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame) and Lino Oviano (Europa, Ultima Emoción and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame).The DAI was formed by groups concentrated in construction of sounds with electronic gadgets, drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers, the D.A.I. edit during the early 80-s several cassettes impossible to find today, we have selected and remastered the best tracks of that movement, presented in a limited pressing of 320 copies.A1.PROCESO INVERSO - PEGAMOIDE DE COLORES 3>42A2.FANZINE - LA ULTIMA JUGADA 3>36A3.TOMATES ELECTRICOS - VIAJES 3>32A4.FUEGOS FATUOS ^ NOTRE DAME - EL SEGUNDO VELO 2>54A5.A.D.N. - LIMITE DE VELOCIDAD 2>54A6.D.A.I. - TERCERA IMPRESION 3>20B1.DIAGONAL - ESQUIZOFRENIA 4>44B2.NICARAGUA NIMANAGUA - GEYPERMAN 3>26B3.ESAMLTE SINTETICO - GUERRERO COLONIAL 4>29B4.EUROPA - ESTRELLAS ESTRELLADAS 2>44B5.H?C - RELOJES 4>35B6.D.A.I. - SEGUNDA IMPRESION 3>14

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