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Cover of: Various - She Came From Hungary! 1960s Beat Girls
She Came From Hungary! 1960s Beat Girls
Ace | LP | 28 €

n recent years Ace Records has released a successful series of compilations spotlighting 1960s girl/pop recordings from Japan, France, Italy, Sweden and Spain. Here we visit Hungary, a country whose young female singers performed beat music every bit as bold and brazen as their male counterparts. Spanning the years 1966 to 1971, the collection features feisty freakbeat, folk rock, funky pop and more from 14 of Hungary's foremost female recording stars, with musical accompaniment provided by some of the nation's leading beat groups. Highlights include the freakbeat masterpiece z Az Utolsó Randevúnk' by Éva Nagy with scorching guitar work from the band Liversing, the keyboards and brass/driven ekete Beat' by Sarolta Zalatnay with the group Metro, Kati Kovács' great organ/based dancer azudik A Drága' and the folk rock/flavoured eresem A Szót' by Zsuzsa Koncz. 14/track 180g transparent red vinyl LP with illustrated inner bag, each featuring a picture/packed 7,000/word note by compilers Mick Patrick and Matt Meek. track listingSIDE ONE1.EZ AZ UTOLSO RANDEVUNK / Éva Nagy 2.CSAK FIATALOKNAK / Márta Bencze 3.FEKETE BEAT / Sarolta Zalatnay 4.HA CSAK EGY FOKKAL SZEBB AZ ÖRDÖGNÉL / Gabi Fenyvesi 5.JUDAS VAGY / Kyri Ambrus 6.KERESEM A SZOT / Zsuzsa Koncz 7.ZSAKUTCA / Clementina Magay SIDE TWO1.KÖNYÖRÖGNI NEM FOGOK / Zsuzsa Mátray 2.KERESEK EGY FIUT / Mária Wittek 3.MINDIG TANUL AZ EMBER / Beáta Karda 4.NYILIK MÉG VIRAG / Marika Késmárky 5.LASSAN MULIK AZ IDO / Mária Toldy 6.HAZUDIK A DRAGA / Kati Kovács 7.HÉTKÖZNAPI SZERELEM / Teréz Harangozó

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