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Cover of: Various - Rocket Morgan And Friends - Louisiana Rockers
Rocket Morgan And Friends - Louisiana Rockers
El Toro Records | CD | 12 €

[ENG]Louisiana had a long heritage of making exciting and innovative music but rarely recorded in the first half of the 20th Century until Specialty and Imperial "discovered" New Orleans Rhythm & Blues; but the field was also open for a more rural based young artists ready to claim the rich seam of Country and Rockabilly. This volume on our regional Rock And Roll series is about those early Bayou State rockers.TRACKLIST1. You're Humbuggin' Me - Rocket Morgan2. This Life I Live - Rocket Morgan3. Tag Along - Rocket Morgan4. What Ya' Gonna Do? - Rocket Morgan5. Too High A Price (To Pay For Love) - Rocket Morgan6. I Know It's A Sin - Rocket Morgan7. Walkin' Home - Rocket Morgan8. Irene - Rocket Morgan9. Why Can't It Be Another Lie? - Rocket Morgan10. Did You Leave Something Else For Me? - Rocket Morgan11. Gonna Walk You Home (alt. take)- Rocket Morgan12. You're Humbuggin' Me (alt. take) - Rocket Morgan13. Tag Along (alt. take) - Rocket Morgan14. What Ya Gonna Do? (alt. take) - Rocket Morgan15. Nervous and Shakin' All Over - Tommy Strange16. Rockin' Rock and A Rollin' Stone - Tommy Cassel17. Bop and Rock Tonight - Pee Wee Trahan18. $F...olding Money$ - Tommy Blake19. Daddy-O-Rock - Jeff Daniels20. Don't Treat Me This Way - Dale Hawkins21. Weep No More - Maylon Humphries22. Hole In The Wall - Amos Como & his Tune Toppers23. Hey Woman - Jeff Daniels24. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight - Endom Spires25. Run Along, Little Girl - Tommy Cassel26. Too Hot To Handle - Vince Anthony27. Eager Boy - The Lonesome Drifter28. Worried 'Bout You Baby - Maylon Humphries29. Freight Train - Larry Hart30. Wilson Blues No.1 - James Wilson & The Jimmie-Cats31. You Won't Know Why Til I'm Gone - James Wilson & The Jimmie-Cats32. Old Moss Back - Jim Oertling & The Bayou Boys33. New Way Rockin' - Hopeless Homer34. Keepin' All My Lovin' (Savin' It All For You) - Pee Wee Trahan35. Go Ahead On - Tommy Cassel[END]

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