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Cover of: Various - Destroys All (a Tribute To Godzilla)
Destroys All (a Tribute To Godzilla)
Shifty | CD | 11 €

Shifty Records and their assembly of bands have a distinct sound of their own. Though I would hesitate to call it mainstream, I would still claim that this sound is one that is generally well liked. The bands which don-t come from Shifty-s entourage have much the same sound and fit in nicely. Tracklist >Mammoth>1. -In this Dying Moment-Terminal Lovers>2. -Mr. Astronaut Glenn-Sloth>3. -If I were Godzilla-Hangnail>4. -Invasion of the Neptune Man-Gigantasaurus!>5. -Reptilian Tonnage of Gargantuan Enormity-Space Face>6. -Leen Gizzard-Fistula>7. -King Kong is Dead-dot.>8. -Nonresistance City-Negative Reaction>9. -Godzilla vs. Noo Yawk-Rwake>10. -Smog Monster *Live(-Patheticism>11. -Go Jet Jaguar-Leviathan A.D.>12. -By North Star, Gamera-Third Degree Burnout>13. -Anarchy Fell Through-The Crunky Kids>14. -Gojira No Gyakushu-Solace>15. -Mother Godzilla-

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