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Stinky Lou & The Goon Mat With Lord Benardo - 12 Roots And Boogie Blues Hits (+cd)
Voodoo Rhythm | LP | 18 €

STINKY LOU AND THE GOON MAT WITH LORD BENARDO Band with the Longest Band name in history ;) the Turd is the Word.. Boogie 'n' Roots like a Uncontrolled Tornado Sweeping away everything thats in their way. they set the goddamn house on fire the moment they hit the first chord and with the phrase: "Do you want to boogie?" I advise each and every one of you to respond: "Hell yeah!" What follows are 90 minutes of adrenaline and alcohol fused primal BOOGIE mayhem Trash. Now for the first time their uniquely raw boogie sound has been captured on record courtesy of VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS - the home of all things primitive and raw! Matthias Dalle ( the goon mat) is hip to the hypnotic drone that is reminiscent of a Junior Kimbrough, STINKY LOU assaults his washtub base not unlike a man whose hair is on fire...and LORD BENARDO...that boy has positively lost his mind and plays the most demented and groovin' harp the good old world has to offer. Now all the hip blues punk kids talk like they've been to a juke joint and we all know that they haven't but I'll be damned if these boogie fiends wouldn't have stood their ground in Chulahoma or Holy Springs alongside the almighty R.L. Burnside, T- Model Ford and their whisky guzzlin' bloodshot-eyed chums. Now this ain't cutesy blues...this is testosterone driven drinkin' and dancin' music and certainly ain't nuthin' for the under aged. These partisan bluesmen are out to raise Cain and casualties are to be expected - mothers beware of your daughter 'cause these boys have ideas...and they ain't pure.

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