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Cover of: Jefferson Airplane - Fly Translove Airways. 1965-70 Broadcast (5cd)
Fly Translove Airways. 1965-70 Broadcast (5cd)
Sandoz | CD | 33 €

Doyens of the lysergically charged San Fran/cisco Ballroom scene, Jefferson Airplane reigned supreme at their home turf clubs< The Matrix, Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland. Witness these classic WOUR, KSAN, KMPX broad/casts bringing the sonic tapestry of the band, in their majestic prime, flowing and bounc/ing off the walls. From the embryonic -65 performance at the Calliope with Signe Ander/son ^ Skip Spence through startling explosive shows from the Fillmore -67, Family Dog in -69, New York -69 and Winterland -70. Flight Time 5 1&2 hours. Got to Revolution!Disc 1>Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, February 4th, 1967 *KMPX/FM( 1.Somebody To Love 2.Get Together 3.Let Me In 4.This Is My Life 5.White Rabbit 6. Plastic Fantastic Lover 7.She Has Funny Ears 8.Jam 9. 3&5-s Of A Mile In 10 Seconds 10. Fat Angel Disc 2>Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, June 11th 1969 *KSAN/FM( 1.The Other Side of this Life 2.Wooden Ships 3.Go Ride the Music 4.Crown Of Creation 5.Greasy Heart 6.Good Shepherd 7.Fat Angel 8.Volunteers 9.The Ballad of You, Me and Pooneil 10.Eskimo Blue Day 11.Spurn Point Blues 12.Jam Disc 3>Utica, New York, 24th, November 1969 *WOUR/FM( 1.Somebody To Love 2.Uncle Sam Blues 3.Have You Seen The Saucers 4.Mexico 5.Wooden Ships 6.The Other Side Of This Life 7.Nothing 8.Fat Angel 9.Won-t You Try&Saturday Afternoon 10.Driftin- Around 11.Greasy Heart 12.The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil Disc 4>Winterland, San Francisco, October 4th 1970 *KSAN/FM( 1. Have You Seen the Saucers 2. Crown of Creation 3. Somebody to Love 4. Mexico 5. Up Or Down 6. Whatever the Old Man Does 7. Emergency 8. Wooden Ships 9. Bludgeon of a Bluecoat 10. Greasy Heart 11. You Wear Your Dresses Too Short 12. We Can Be Together 13. Volunteers Disc 5>Calliope Warehouse, November 6th 1965 *KSAN/FM( 1.It-s No Secret 2.Tobacco Road 3.Running Round This World Various Performances broadcast by from Fillmore Auditori/um 1966 ^ 67 *KSAN/FM( 4. 3&5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds 5. Runnin- Round 6. Somebody

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