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Cover of: Casa Azul, La - La Polinesia Meridional (cd Platinpak)
La Polinesia Meridional (cd Platinpak)
Elefant | CD | 15 €

One of the biggest musical influences from the 70s was, undoubtedly, disco music, and the spirit of the clubs and the escapist concept of the weekend it came with. A hard week of work finished on the dance floor, whereyou're your problems disappeared and everything became an explosion of melodies, colors, love and a feeling of true freedom. Dancing to a pop song is like floating on air, feeling how the melody moves through your heart and irradiates a dose of pleasure that spreads through your entire body at light speed. Music in the clubs has changed a lot since then and a lot of people want to get the melody back on the dance floor. This coming November 28th, "La Polinesia Meridional", one of the most promising albums of 2011, will be released. Welcome to 21st Century Disco Music (21 Disco Music)!!TRACKLIST: 01. Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista 02. ¿Qué Se Siente Al Ser Tan Joven? 03. La Fiesta Universal 04. Sucumbir 05. La Polinesia Meridional 06. Colisión Inminente (Red Lights, Red Lights) 07. Terry, Peter Y Yo 08. Una Mañana 09. Todas Tus Amigas 10. Europa Superstar 11. La Vida Tranquila 12. Sálvese Quien Pueda 13. La Niña Más Hermosa

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