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Portada de: Various - 391 Vol.6 - Veneto (2cd)
391 Vol.6 - Veneto (2cd)
Spittle | CD | 21 €

Sixth stage of "Journey through the Italian underground" One year and a half of work, between research, tapes, rustles, and distortions, trying to describe what happened in Veneto in the '80s. As with the other 391 Series compilations, this is not a "Best of" but an inclusive container with both forgotten groups and unreleased material from essential pieces of the Italian Post Punk history such as Death in Venice, Degada Saf, Frigidaire Tango, Plasticost, Ruins, Wax Heroes. This compilation consists of 42 unreleased tracks by semi/unknown bands. Orphans for about 30 years of an audience who could appreciate their authenticity. Far from every commercial purpose, a pure manifesto of what we could call a flood of creativity. A revolution in music and style, in which, thank god, we were a part. Track list> CD1> 1 PYRAMIDS *CHIARANO / TV(> A WAY OUT *1980( 2 EVABRAUN *VERONA(> LA BATTAGLIA DI SAN ROMANO *1981( 3 BLUE VELVET *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> CATCHING THE SHADOWS *1981( 4 S.P.R.A.Y. *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> BEYOND ALL BELIEF *1981( 5 VCO *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> RADIOMAD *1981( 6 PLASTIC BAGS *VENEZIA(> SEGNALE ORARIO *1981( 7 HOMEWORK TAPE PRODUCTION *VENEZIA(> BALIE *1982( 8 ENDLESS NOSTALGIA *ASPARETTO, CEREA / VR(> WHITE LOVE IN A WHITE ROOM *1982( 9 RADAR *VERONA(> UNA SPLENDIDA EMICRANIA *1982( 10 HUNT'S UP *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> BASS ONE *1982( 11 STEVE ELBOW ^amp< TWIST 92 *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> THE SHADOW OF MY BRAIN *1982( 12 NEW DESIGN *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> THE TROLL *1982( 13 RUINS *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> HOT LEG *1983( 14 QFWFQ *PADOVA(> ME?MORIA *1983( 15 BOBBY WATSON *VICENZA(> THE PRESIDENT WISHES A GOOD TIME *1983( 16 PLASTIC FLOWERS *VENEZIA(> FRENCH KISS *1983( 17 CRUEL BOLERO *VENEZIA(> TAKE THE CHANCE *1983( 18 DEATH IN VENICE *VENEZIA(> BLACK FLOWERS OF DANCE *1983( 19 DOMINO NOIR *MAROSTICA / VI(> SWORD FOR MY CONFLICTS *LIVE 1983( 20 ISOLAMENTO *CITTADELLA / PD(> MY EUROPA *LIVE 1983( 21 LYNX AVENUE *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> INSIDE MEMORIES *1984( 22 PLASTICOST *MAROSTICA / VI(> VOLGA DI PAGLIA *1985( CD2> 1 FRIGIDAIRE TANGO *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> DELIVER AGAIN *1985( 2 ART DÉCO *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> SECRET WILD LOVE *1985( 3 I NIPOTI DEL FARAONE *PADOVA(> LIZARD *1985( 4 DEGADA SAF *CASTELFRANCO VENETO / TV(> BELLOSGUARDO *1986( 5 MORROWYELLOW *VERONA(> WAKEFULNESS *EARLY VERSION, 1986( 6 LUXURE *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE *1986( 7 END OF CARNIVAL *ROVIGO(> DECEMBER THINNEST FOG *1986( 8 ART CORE *VENEZIA(> PORCUPINE *1986( 9 FRU AUT *BASSANO DEL GRAPPA / VI(> L'AVVOLTOIO *1986( 10 WAX DOLL *BIBIONE, S. MICHELE AL TAGLIAMENTO / VE(> IL SOGNO DEL PRIGIONIERO *1986( 11 WAX HEROES *TREVISO(> WAKE ME UP WIZARD! *1986( 12 SYBIL VANE *VENEZIA(> PRINCE OF LOST CHANCES *1986( 13 PLAGUE PAVILLON *VERONA(> RED HEART SNAKES *1987( 14 THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT *BIBIONE, S. MICHELE AL TAGLIAMENTO / VE(> BLUE VISION *1987( 15 SCENT MERCI *TREVISO(> THE BRIGHT MOONLIGHT *1988( 16 HELLVISPRAVO *VERONA(> INIT 01 *WELCOME TO THE SONIC CRUSHER( *1989( 17 INSIDE LONELINESS *TREVISO(> DREAMING YOU'RE ALL MINE *1989( 18 OPIUM CLUB *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> I.C.E. *1989( 19 MARGINAL NOTE *TREVISO(> RAIN TELLS STORIES *1989( 20 ALEJAS *MESTRE, VENEZIA(> LOSCOGATTO *1989(

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