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Burmese - Privileged
Burmese - Privileged
Fuck Yoga | LP | 18

BURMESE provides peerless entertainment for an aficionado of the extreme. 13 counts of blunt mental traumas exclaimed in a form both vulgar and elegant-entrancingly toying with nauseating (a) symmetry. Two bass guitars battling for dominance in ecstasy. Two drums painstakingly conducting a beat of frenzied violence, be it militaristic vignettes or full/on grinding. Two vocals topping each other in a deathclutch.A high-speed thrashnoise & moribund no-wave triumph, freaks into early NAPALM DEATH & SWANS & WHITEHOUSE recognize!Recorded and Mixed by Jacob Felix Heule at NEW, IMPROVED RECORDING in Oakland, CA. Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at GENCH STUDIOS in San Francisco, CA.

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