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Transmaniacon Feat. Lydia Lunch And Maya Berlin - The Strange World Of Suzzy Pellet
Transmaniacon Feat. Lydia Lunch And Maya Berlin - The Strange World Of Suzzy Pellet
New Heavy Sound | LP | 21

The Strange World of Suzie Pellet- is a hard rocking concept album featuring a dark, unsettling and mysterious tale of future street dweller Suzie Pellet. A feisty survivor in a ruined world, Suzie is the brainchild of Ian Miller, fantasy&horror artist and novelist. His surreal creations have graced book covers, graphic novels and films. Transmaniacon bring Miller-s vision to sonic life, aided by the outstanding vocal deliveries of Lydia Lunch (a hind/sighted Suzie) and Maya Berlin (a future -present/day- Suzie). With -Suzie Pellet- Transmaniacon becomes more a musical collective. The core of the band remains, hard and heavy riffing guitars, overdriven Hammond Organ (and this time synth) but with the addition of Tom (Uncle Acid&Limb) Mowforth on drums they are a groovier, more athletic 70-s rock beast. Transmaniacon have taken and expanded Miller-s vision into a story in which Pellet herself describes the dark, underworld, its characters and situations, friends and foes, all in grisly/spoken and sung diary/like, excerpts. Lydia Lunch was an obvious choice for the mature Pellet. For a young Susie Pellet the role falls to Maya Berlin. With her band, Cold in Berlin delivering equal parts Punk, Doom and Goth over their three highly acclaimed albums, she was perfect. And Suzie gives her the opportunity to expand her vocal *and theatrical( talents in Grace Slick or Julie Driscoll or even Chelsea Wolfe directions. Step into the nightmare world of Suzie Pellet.

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