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Cover of: Mysterio - Mysterio (lp+cd)
Mysterio (lp+cd)
Munster Records | LP | 18 €

Charlie Mysterio's new album opens a new musical door for him compared to Los Caramelos, his main project over the years. This time he delivers an eponymous album bursting with anthem-like eternal melodies, songs that would reach the top of the pop charts in an ideal imagined world.He's a singer-songwriter with a fuzz pedal and a Roland TR-606 as travel companions on this journey, which could be another one tomorrow and will probably change again on the stage.Includes CD.TRACKLISTSide 11. LO BELLO Y LO TRISTE2. FUERA DE MIS SENTIDOS3. PABELLON DE LA LLUVIA4. DIME HERMANO GATO5. SEMIOTICOS DE LA NOSTALGIA6. I PULSAR7. WILLIAM BLOODSide 21. TARDE CARMESI2. AUTOMATAS INCORPOREOS3. NO VOLVER A VAGAR4. SWWEET KITSCH5. TUKIYOE6. EL CONFORT DEL EXTRAÑO

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