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Descendents - In St. Louis, 1987
Descendents - In St. Louis, 1987
Suicidal | CD | 13

Touring in support of their January 1987 4th album, All, based upon the positive life philosophy invented by band member Bill Stevenson and a close friend during a 1980 fishing trip, which Milo described as the effort of @doing the utmost, achieving the utmost... it-s partly humor, but it-s also an outlook on how to conduct your life> to not settle for some, to always go for All@. Playing a particularly lively set in St. Louis on the night of March 24th, the group blazed through classics from all of their early album as well as plenty from All. An amazing live set from one of the most unique groups to come out of the LA hardcore scene.Track list> Side A> 1. All/O/Gistics 2. Descendents 3. Cheer Me 4. My Age 5. Clean Sheets 6. Hurtin- Crue 7. I Like Food 8. Wendy *The Beach Boys Cover( 9. Van 10. Pervert 11. Coolidge Side B> 1. Silly Girl 2. Kids On Coffee 3. I Don-t Want To Grow Up 4. Enjoy 5. Suburban Home 6. Good Good Things 7. Rockstar 8. No Fat Beaver 9. My Dad Sucks 10. I Wanna Be A Bear 11. I-m Not A Loser 12. Catalina 13. Kabuki Girl 14. When I Get The Time

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