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Cover of: Pascal, Nik - Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity
Wah Wah Records | LP | 25 €

If you check the credits of The Rolling Stones- Goats Head Soup LP from 1973 you-ll find a certain @Pascal@ listed on the percussion section. That is none other than Los Angeles based artist Nicolas Pascal Raicevik *1933/1994(, aka 107/34/8933, aka Head, aka Nik Pascal, aka Nik Raicevic. Besides his hitting the bongoes on the Stones album, Nik was a great artist on his own, both as a painter and as a musician. As a musician, he was a pioneer in the use of synthesizers, preceeding the Berlin school by some years when his Head LP was released on on Buddah in 1970. Buddah probably saw in Head the opportunity to cash in some money from the remains of the psychedelic scene / the three tracks on the LP are named after drugs used in the late sixties. The sounds, however, are accomplished works that show Raicevic as one of the most interesting pioneers in the use of synths. The album probably didn-t do too well, since Buddah didn-t renew the contract with Raicevic, who instead took his own way releasing his works on his very own Narco Records and Tapes label. Between 1968 and 1975 Narco would issue 4 LPs credited either to Nik Raicevic *Beyond The End... Eternity( or Nik Pascal *The Sixth Ear, Magnetic Web and Zero Gravity( plus one credited to 107/34/8933 *Numbers, which is in fact the same LP as Buddah-s Head, albeit with different cover art(. Copies of these LPs came with an ironic sticker over the shrinkwrap that read @Do not listen to this LP if you are stoned@.

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