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Cover of: Various - King Of The Creeps (kim Fowley)
King Of The Creeps (kim Fowley)
Norton Records | LP | 24 €

The third volume of brain spraining early unheralded, underworshipped unknown Kim Fowley productions and manipulations arrives as a soundtrack distraction to his upcoming hip pocket paperback -LORD OF GARBAGE- from Kicks Books. Kim-s always stirring the pot and this time he heaves the boiling stew right into the smug mugs of rock critics and musicologists with a third full/on frantic footlong fricassee guaranteed to cause the listener to rearrange the furniture... and other things! Collect the set and get a party started.KIM GARRI AND THE RHYTHM KINGS / Big Bad Wolf & KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE / Big Tears & UPTONES / No More & RENEGADE FIVE / Young And Wild & JOHN PAUL JONES / Kalani Honey & KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE / The Knight In Shining Armor & SKIP AND JOHNNY / More Marathon & FALLEN ANGELS / Up On The Mountain & KIM FOWLEY / Astrology & WOLF PACK / The Baddest Wolf & LARRY GREEN AND THE RHYTHMAIRES / Watch Your Step & KIM FOWLEY / The Trip & NAVARROS / Moses & ROGUES / Wanted> Dead Or Alive & GRAINS OF SAND / Goin Away Baby & GRAINS OF SAND / Golden Apples Of The Sun & E. ZANE WOOD AND THE DOMINION / Got Me Stupid & KIM FOWLEY / Outrageous Radio Spot

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