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Cover of: Oscillation - U.e.f.
Fuzz Club | LP | 24 €

The Oscillation is one of the many aliases of Demian Castellanos, an almost/mythical force in the London underground. Since 2006, under the guise of The Oscillation, Demian has released four LPs, countless EPs&singles and played with everyone from Silver Apples and Beak to Wooden Ships and Deerhunter. The new album sees Demian completely subvert his sound once/again, adding a new evolution to his ever/evolving musical canon. Ditching any inkling of his ock' beginnings for a lysergic journey into post/apocalyptic electronics and sprawling drones - resulting in something that's more likely to be bouncing around the walls of club nights than the back/room venue of grotty bars. U.E.F is comprised of two 20/minute slabs of unforgiving, dystopian electronica / complete with ambient electronics, droning analogue synths, monolithic percussion and a hypnotic kraut gusto.

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