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Cover of: Various - Beat Girls Español
Beat Girls Español
Ace | LP | 35 €

Having already put out collections spotlighting the girl singers of 1960s Japan, France, Italy and Sweden, we now turn our attention to sunny Spain. The influence of hit records from the USA and the UK in the early 60s had resulted in a musical style the French called yé/yé. Spain also adopted the term to describe this new type of beat/oriented pop, while maintaining its own musical identity via sexy rhythms and an underlying current of drama and flamenco, as evidenced in this predominantly uptempo all/female compilation. The aptly named Hispavox was considered the most important Spanish record label, mainly because they had a talented team of producers, arrangers and studio musicians who between them created the "Torrelaguna sound". Furthermore, they had Karina, who was known as the queen of Spanish yé/yé with her angelic looks and voice. Zafiro entered the market with a series of girl singers, including the dynamic Marisol, a child actress turned pop singer who spent much of the 60s on the silver screen. The Belter label also recorded many young female singers, among them screen siren Soledad Miranda, star of several horror films, and Sonia, who recorded a girlish rendition of the Rolling Stones' et Off Of My Cloud'. Other noteworthy artists include Novola Records' Massiel, who differed from her peers by writing many of her own songs and, after winning the Eurovision Song Contest, became a national icon. All these and more feature on this winning compilation of the choicest female artists active in 1960s Spain.The LP version - pressed on 180g white vinyl - is packaged in a heavy/duty sleeve with an inner bag featuring a 3500/word note and copious colour illustrations.track listingSIDE ONE 1. CORAZON CONTENTO / Marisol 2. CREO EN TI / Rocío Dúrcal 3. YA VERAS / Karina 4. PINTA MI MUNDO / Gelu 5. MOLINO AL VIENTO / Los Stop 6. AQUI EN MI NUBE / Sonia 7. SI LLEGARA EL AMOR / RosaliA SIDE TWO 1. NUNCA HAY BASTANTE / Adriángela 2. NO SÉ POR QUÉ / Massiel 3. PRIMA O POI / Silvana Velasco 4. TENDRAS QUE LLORAR / Lorella 5. LA VERDAD / Soledad Miranda 6. VOY A PINTAR LAS PAREDES CON TU NOMBRE / Los Mismos 7. PON UN ANILLO EN MI DEDO / Las Chic

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