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Spindrift - The West
Spindrift - The West
Xemu | LP | 23

The first time on vinyl Xemu Records re/masters and re/packages the follow/up to Leg/end of God-s Gun, the classic concept album @The West@... Made with the classic line/up of Brian Jonestown Massacre alumni originally recorded in 2006 is long. Spaghetti western is usually listed under the heading of band influences, not genres, although Kirkpatrick Thomas took his love of sun blasted landscapes, distorted twangy guitars, and squinty eyed heroes and villains and spun them into a shimmering, mirage/drenched ambience that can only be called psychedelic spaghetti western music. The twisted musicality of Ennio Morricone-s early work blends with the haunted noirish reso/nance of Bruno Nicolai *Morricone-s arranger( and Thomas- own fevered vision to cre/ate expansive cinematic soundscapes made more for dreaming, or even hallucinating, than dancing, not that the music lacks energy or drive.

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