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Cover of: Aerolineas Federales - Hastal... (cd Digipack)
Hastal... (cd Digipack)
Elefant | CD | 15 €

There were few national groups in the second half of the eighties that were as big and as successful as AEROLINEAS FEDERALES. Their choruses are extremely catchy, their carefee attitude and youthful melodies got a huge public hooked on them, and made their five studio albums sell thousands of copies. Songs like "No Me Beses En Los Labios", "Soy Una Punk", "Sólo Quiero Divertirme", "Alegra La Cara", "No Sé Ligar", "Hop Hop", or their fun versions of "Summer Nights" from the movie "Grease" and "Video Killed The Radio Star" by THE BUGGLES, respectively re-titled "Vacaciones" and "Mi Video No Tiene Mando A Distancia", now form a part of the history of Spanish pop and have clearly been influential to bands like VACACIONES, L-KAN, JUNIPER MOON and LOS FRESONES REBELDES.TRACKLIST: 01. No Todo Es Lo Que Parece 02. No Me Robes El Corazón 03. El Atracador 04. ¡Oh Qué Calor! 05. Locas Por Ti (Motorbike Beat) 06. Quiero Jamón 07. Todo Va A Cambiar 08. No Tengo Dinero 09. Ahora Soy Feliz 10. Vete Al Carajo 11. Sólo Quiero Divertirme 12. Trou De Memoire 13. Yo No Tengo Amigos 14. Soy Fea 15. Soy Una Punk 16. No Sé Ligar 17. No Me Beses En Los Labios 18. La Isla 19. El Aeroplano 20. Aerolíneas Federales

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