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Cover of: Various - Murder By Contract
Murder By Contract
Aziza Disques | LP | 24 €

Noir C'est Noir second volume. Special Issue: GARAGE, PSYCH & PROG!A deep exploration of the vast archives of all across Africa for a series of selections of Dynamite fusions that barely have been assembled together previously such as Soul, Jerk, Psych, Beat, Garage and others. All cuts reissued for the first time.Noir C'est Noir Series hopes to bring joy and satisfaction to the fans of the so much and so many lost music from all across Africa, from north to south, from east to west. Congo, South Africa, Benin, Tanzania and so on up to 11 different countries from the continent represented!These recordings made during the 60s and 70s from a time when African Peoples were willing to celebrate the Pan-African identity within their own conception of Music. African Music.This second volume of Noir C'est Noir concentrates on Garage Punk, Psychedelia and Prog genres... But there's a lot more to be heard.All the 14 songs included here are re issued appear for the international public for the First Time!TRACKLIST1. Wrong Notes "Verequoi"2. Narma Samith "Zifaffildada"3. Orquestre Veve "Venus"4. Os Rebeldes "Murder By Contract"5. Sunny Blacks Band "Holonon Die"6. Vum Vum "Monami"7. Simiao "Wasati Walomu"8. Tall Enma & His Skipper "Hammatan"9. Os Impacto "Knock On Wood"10. Gino Garrido e Os Psicodelicos "Baby I Love You"11. Teta Lando "Muato Wa N'Ginjila"12. Os Inflexos "I Feel Fine"13. Shar'Habeel "Dance and Cheer"14. H2O "Rien Des Mots"

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