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Sothy - Chansons Laotiennes
Sothy - Chansons Laotiennes
Akuphone | 12'' | 21

Rare cosmic Lao synth pop recorded in Paris 1980. This 12@ includes the original remaster and edited versions by Parisian producer Shelter. Everything comes with a reason> the record was edited in 1981 under the title Sothy Productions yet produced in France by the Parisian label Oxygène *famously known for its unforgettable first French punk compilation -125 grammes de 33 1&3 tours-(. -Chansons Laotiennes- still remains hard to classify. And then who-s Sothy_ Along with the unverifiable identity of the seemingly Laotian singers, skepticism gains ground concerning the man behind the pseudonym. Is he an escaped musician from one of the first Cambodian rock bands of the 1960s_ A surviving producer from the 1980s Paris_ Or a composer in transit in one of the many places of the Laotian diaspora_ Sothy eludes any researches and disappears behind his numerous homonyms.

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