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Kink Gong - Tibetan Buddhism Trip
Kink Gong - Tibetan Buddhism Trip
Akuphone | LP | 32

Psalmody, small bells, big cymbals, gongs and drums / this puzzling collage of Tibetan Buddhist rites recordings is hypnotizing, which opens the way to a state of trance. The slight electronic arrangement still reminds that reality is not so far. The two twenty/minute tracks instantly convey an unknown and fascinating universe. Mantra chanting accelerates, horns become more insistent and a mystical atmosphere arises. With -Tibetan Buddhism Trip-, Akuphone starts exploring ritual and ceremonial music, here with a subtle mix of field recordings and electronic handlings. Recorded in Tibet and Yunnan *China( by Laurent Jeanneau between 2006 and 2013. Recomposed in Berlin in 2016. The LP comes with an insert and a download card for a live performance in Bristol and unseen pictures.

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