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Cover of: Various - *rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties
*rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties
Pinche | LP | 16 €

Originally published in 1988 and long out of print Rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties remains a milestone for fans of obscure & wild rock'n'roll all over the world. Composed exclusively of covers, it shows no one like those Mexican cats when is time to inject a good dose of savage craziness to revitalize otherwise well-known tunes like Jumping Jack Flash, Gloria or Hey Joe. 15 tunes of pure Mex madness sure to set your adrenaline level over the roof, dig it!Tracks:1. LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO / Pedro Pistolas2. LOS ANIS / Mary Mary3. LOS APSONS / Satisfaction 4. LOS MONSTRUOS / Hey Monstro 5. LOS APSONS / Susie Q 6. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Fiebre 7. MIGUEL ANGEL & LOS SHARPS / Gloria 8. LOS BELMONT / Arriba Abajo Y Los Lados9. LOS ROCKIN DEVILS / Halo Que Tal 10. LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO / Hey Joe 11. LOS YAKIS / Juan Saltarin 12. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Deja De Llorar 13. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Cul Jerk 14. LOS OVNIS / Pequeña Ayuda De Mama 15. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Bajate De Mi Nube

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