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Cover of: Piccioni, Piero - 7 Cadaveri Per Scotland Yard
7 Cadaveri Per Scotland Yard
Sub Ost | LP | 28 €

Soundtrack for the 1972 Spanish/Italian crime film directed by José Luis Madrid *a sort of baroque revisiting of Jack The Ripper(. The Maestro Piero Piccioni is in a rare groove mode here, lost between acid jazz breaks and deep funk rhythms in what is the first ever vinyl reprint of a minor classic. An impressive variety of themes, with the Hammond organ often doing the lion-s share of the work, the climate reminds us of the compositions of the late 60-s of the master< memorable sessions that would lead to the publication of the classic posthumous -Camille 2000-. The glamorous arrangements are fascinating, incorporating Mediterranean warmth through the US-s R^B demarcation lines.

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