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Cover of: Various - Rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties
Rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties
Pinche | LP | 16 €

Back in stock! Originally published in 1988 and long out of print Rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties remains a milestone for fans of obscure & wild rock'n'roll all over the world. Composed exclusively of covers, it shows no one like those Mexican cats when is time to inject a good dose of savage craziness to revitalize otherwise well known tunes like Jumping Jack Flash, Gloria or Hey Joe. 15 tunes of pure mex madness sure to set your adrenaline level over the roof, dig it! Tracks:1. LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO / Pedro Pistolas2. LOS ANIS / Mary Mary 3. LOS APSONS / Satisfaction 4. LOS MONSTRUOS / Hey Monstro 5. LOS APSONS / Susie Q 6. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Fiebre 7. MIGUEL ANGEL ^ LOS SHARPS / Gloria 8. LOS BELMONT / Arriba Abajo Y Los Lados 9. LOS ROCKIN DEVILS / Halo Que Tal 10. LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO / Hey Joe 11. LOS YAKIS / Juan Saltarin 12. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Deja De Llorar 13. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Cul Jerk 14. LOS OVNIS / Pequeña Ayuda De Mama 15. LOS JOHNNY JETS / Bajate De Mi Nube

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