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Various - Domestic Sampler Umyu
Transgenero | LP | 21 €

-Domestic Sampler- was a project that V├şctor Nubla *a former member of Macromassa( recorded for the UMYU label. It features a host of names from Barcelona-s early -80s underground, including El Grito Acusador, Entr-Acte, Logotipo, Klamm, Secreto Metro, Error Gen├ętico, Detra-s Band 10, Boris, Mimi Pimer and Tres. But -Domestic Sampler- also represents a confluence between English and Spanish underground culture, since Jim Whelton and Bing Selfish *The Homosexuals and The Murphy Federation( were living in Spain when they met Nubla. All of them dwelled the scene that brought forward projects such as Milk From Cheltenham, Amos ^ Superslicks and The Hostiapaths.

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