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Culture - Two Sevens Clash (3lp)
Culture - Two Sevens Clash (3lp)
17 North Parade | LP | 35

The 40th anniversary edition of the roots reggae classic @Two Sevens Clash@ album celebrating the period of 1977 to 2017 is available as a great 2CD/package and also as 3LP/Vinyl set with additional 12Inch/single disco mixes, deejay cuts, dub versions / all state/of/the/art remastered by Pete Norman at Finyl Tweek. @Two Sevens Clash@ from Culture was the must/have reggae accessory for any self/respecting music fan back in that long hot summer of 1977. Loaded up with hit anthems like @See Them A Come@, @I Am Not Ashamed@, @Natty Dread Taking Over@ and the prophetic title track, @Two Sevens Clash@ remains the defining album statement of the year that reggae crossed over / get ready to ride this lion to Zion!3LP in a 6mm spine jacket and full colour printed inner sleeves with liner notes.3LP/VinylSide OneA1. Calling Rasta For IA2. I-m Alone In The WildernessA3. Pirate DaysA4. Two Sevens ClashA5. I-m Not AshamedSide TwoB1. Get Ready To Ride The Lion To ZionB2. Black Starliner Must ComeB3. Jah Pretty FaceB4. See Them A ComeB5. Natty Dread Taking OverSide ThreeC1. Two Sevens Clash & Prophecy Reveal *12@ Mix( / Culture ^ Mr BojanglesC2. Fulfillment / The Mighty TwoSide FourD1. I-m Not Ashamed & Under Tight Wraps *12@ Mix( / Culture ^ I/RoyD2. I-m Not Ashamed Version / The Mighty TwoSide FiveE1. See Them A Come & Mask Mi Mask *12@ Mix( / Culture ^ Prince WeedyE2. Informer / CultureE3. Informer Version / The Mighty TwoE4. State Of Emergency / Joe Gibbs ^ The ProfessionalsE5. Natty Pass His GCE / Shorty The PresidentSide SixF1. Natty Dread Taking Over & Invasion *12@ Mix( / Culture ^ I RoyF2. Natty Gone Clear / Joe Gibbs ^ The Professionals

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