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Pythagoron Tm - Pythagoron Tm
Pythagoron Tm - Pythagoron Tm
Wah Wah Records | LP | 25

@Inhabiting this grey area between late psych efforts and early PINA *private issue new age(, 1977-s Pythagoron TM is an electronic oddity originally marketed as some sort of musical narcotic *"a new invention that gets you high with sound" original ads read( sold via magazines like High Times.Shrouded by it-s corporate/like design are two enigmatic side long suites of droning electronics which evoke similar autistic synth experiences like early Conrad Schnitzler, Lorq Damon, Udder Milk Decay or the whole Pascal & Narco Records output whilst recalling also more articulate efforts such as Steve Reich-s early opus, Charlemagne Palestine-s sinewave experiments or Eliane Radigue-s synthetic bliss.A truly bizarre artifact which was apparently the brainchild of NYC-s early media art collective USCO *The Company Of Us( which already pionered inmersive sound&light environments fusing mysticism and state/of/the/art technology back in the 60-s. Intriguing period piece.@Raül G. Pratginestós *Fauni Gena(Comes in original artwork printed on silver cover in a limited edition of 500 copies only

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