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Jodorowsky, Alejandro - The Holy Mountain (2lp)
Jodorowsky, Alejandro - The Holy Mountain (2lp)
Disordered | LP | 35

There is no Poetry without Film, There is no Film without Poetry. There is no Picture without Sound, There is no Sound without Picture.Alejandro Jodorowsky represents in a full way this dichotomy. His structured thoughts, his surrealistic visions, his intensive pictures, live in symbiosis with his music, whose sound we are repurposing with these three Limited Releases.In order to give an original perspective, we developed a new concept by counting on the collaboration with the Italian Fashion Designer Fabio Quaranta, who tailored the record by curating the Artwork, in terms of design, choice of material, type of pressing and stitching process. Limited editions of 500 copies housed in silkscreened felt sleeves.The Holy Mountain>Side A> A1 Trance Mutation A2 Pissed And Passed Out A3 Violence Of The Lambs A4 Dring It A5 Christs 4 Sale A6 Cast Out And Pissed A7 Eye Of The Beholder A8 Communion Side B> B1 Rainbow Room B2 Alchemical Room B3 Tarot Will Teach You & Burn Your Money Side C> C1 Mattresses, Masks ^ Pearls C2 Isla *The Sapphic Sleep( C3 Psychedelic Weapons C4 Rich Man In A Fishbowl C5 Miniature Plastic Bomb Shop C6 Fuck Machine Side D> D1 Baby Snakes D2 A Walk In The Park D3 Mice And Massacre D4 City Of Freedom D5 Starfish D6 The Climb & Reality *Zoom Back Camera( D7 Pantheon Bar *Bees Make Honey.(

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