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Cover of: Various - Dore Northern Soul
Dore Northern Soul
Kent Records | LP | 21 €

You have to really search through the Doré catalogue to find the soul 45s, but when you do it is hugely rewarding. Its jewels have only been revealed to Northern Soul collectors over time and several are ridiculously scarce< Little Johnny Hamilton's eep On Movin'' and the Swans' Gitty Gritty City' remain one/off disc discoveries. Guaranteed dancefloor classics abound, including Rita ^ the Tiaras' one With The Wind Is My Love', Little Johnny Hamilton's h How I Love You' and the Puffs' Only Cry Once A Day Now'. The Superbs' Find In My Sails' and Milton James' mesmeric y Lonely Feeling' represent the funkier end of the Northern Soul sound, while tracks by Ray Marchand and the Shades Of Jade are subtle mid/tempo soul of the highest quality. Nearly all are rare, expensive and beautiful, while Kenard's hat Did You Gain By That' is highly imaginative, and the Fidels' Givin' You Notice Baby' is just a classic 60s soul stomper. All together on beautiful 12/inch vinyl, they are irresistible.Track listingSIDE ONE1.GONE WITH THE WIND IS MY LOVE / Rita ^ The Tiaras2.I-M GIVIN- YOU NOTICE BABY / The Fidels3.OH HOW I LOVE YOU / Little Johnny Hamilton ^ The Creators4.WHAT DID YOU GAIN BY THAT_ / Kenard5.YOUR SHIP OF FOOLS / Ray Marchand6.WIND IN MY SAILS / The Superbs7.MY LONELY FEELING / Milton JamesSIDE TWO1.GETTIN- BACK INTO CIRCULATION / The Entertainers IV2.I WANNA DO IT WITH YOU BABY / The Superbs3.DO THE SKIN / Kenard Gardner4.I ONLY CRY ONCE A DAY NOW / The Puffs5.NITTY GRITTY CITY / The Swans6.WHY DOES IT FEEL SO RIGHT *DOING WRONG( / The Shades Of Jade7.KEEP ON MOVING / Little Johnny Hamilton

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