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Cover of: Walls Of Dada - Walls Of Dada
Walls Of Dada
Saturday Night | LP | 27 €

Walls Of Dada is Chris Olley from Six By seven and Peter G Holmström from The Dandy Warhols. For Chris, and his aversion to making music using com/puters, the idea from the outset was to create something by simple means so as not to get bogged down by technology. In his studio in Nottingham Chris put a drum machine through an amp and synced and sequenced an analogue synth to it and recorded the sounds onto an 8 track recorder. After adding vocals a Stereo Mix was bounced down and sent over to Portland, Oregon. There Pete added guitars, bass, synths *and a banjo( to the mix and topped and tailed the songs and sent his own stereo mix back. That was it. No more overdubs were added and there was no heavy mastering or compression or loudness wars were entered into. A lot of vintage guitars and pedals and synths were used in the process and everything was recorded through amps. This was a throwback to the days of the early eighties when bands started to record on the first commercially avail/able four track recorders and portastudios..

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