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Cover of: Ovo - Creatura
Dio Drone | LP | 20 €

It is an album whose originality is monstrous and colossal, a natural evolution of that which OvO expressed on "Abisso". They have explored the possibility of intersections between extreme rock and electronica, digging deep down, and now they come out with this protean birth which renders them once again uncategorizeable, on the outside of any scene or framework. Even the artwork reflects the path marked by the sound of the album, inspired by ancient and timeless symbols and iconography, by alchemical sigils of divination cards, yet with an original and identifying style. A symbolic joining with the cosmos from which every creature comes and to where everything returns in the end. It all came from an idea of Stefania Pedretti translated by the hands of Coito Negato, aka Stefano Matteoli, a Tuscan illustrator and frequent collaborator with the label.

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