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Cover of: Monks - The Transatlantic Feedback
The Transatlantic Feedback
Play Loud! | DVD | 18 €

The Monks were five American GIs in Cold War Germany who billed themselves as the anti/Beatles< they were heavy on feedback, nihilism, and electric banjo. They had strange haircuts, dressed in black, mocked the military, and rocked harder than any of their mid/-60s counterparts while managing to basically invent industrial, punk, and techno music. The award/winning 100/minute documentary The Transatlantic Feedback not only illustrates the pop music phenomenon in its political, social, and cultural contexts, but also reveals the Monks project as the first marriage between art and popular music, coming months before the The Velvet Underground. The five protagonists of the film came to Cold War Germany in 1961 as soldiers and left the country in 1967 as avant/garde monks. In the film they recount their adventure for the first time. This DVD release *DVD/9< all/region< NTSC format( contains 81 minutes of bonus features, including @Biographies@ *Dave Day, Eddie Shaw, Gary Burger, Larry Spangler, and Roger Johnston talk about their origins and musical backgrounds(, @A Date with Dave Day@ *an introduction to the concept of Monks- banjo/playing with Elvis fan Dave Day, the first rock -n- roll banjo player in history(, Monks- 1960s appearances on German television *the only -60s performances preserved on film presented in their entirety for the first time(, @Live In New York 1999,@ the documentary-s trailer, and live footage of Martin Rev and Doc Schoko. Includes subtitles in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish. Includes eight/page booklet containing liner notes by Allison Anders and filmmakers Dietmar Post and LucĂ­a Palacios.

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