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Cover of: Doc Schoko - Schlecht Dran/gut Drauf
Schlecht Dran/gut Drauf
Play Loud! | LP | 18 €

Doc Schoko wrote his first songs at the age of 11. He self/distributed his first releases on microcassette in Germany-s most industrialized and populated state of North Rhine/Westphalia *Rhine/Ruhr(. A working/class punk rocker who uses the German language *@Some German words are so long that they have a perspective@ //Mark Twain( just like his German idols, such as S.Y.P.H., Fehlfarben, Kolossale Jugend, Die Regierung, Ton Steine Scherben, Mutter, NEU!, and Blumfeld. No hipster bohemian attitude, just a down/to/earth understanding of stark, primitive krautrock. On Schlecht Dran&Gut Drauf, some of his heroes shine through, but they never dominate the presence of Doc Schoko himself. Doc Schoko has opened for Mark E. Smith *The Fall(< both Smith and Doc Schoko appeared on Silver Monk Time> A Tribute to the Monks *PL 002CD, 2006(. The Village Voice-s Don Allred wrote, @Doc Schoko-s doom/swallowing -Sei Still- smirks at its English/speaking doppelgänger, -Shut Up.-@ Schlecht Dran&Gut Drauf was mastered by Hans/Joachim Irmler *Faust(.

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