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Cover of: Various - Pied Piper
Pied Piper
Kent Records | LP | 24 €

The two Kent CDs of material drawn from the vaults of Detroit's Pied Piper productions have been among the label's most popular. A fact that will surprise nobody with an interest in 1960s Detroit soul, given that the artists, songs and productions are all of the highest order.Vinyl fans have long been asking us if we would be assembling the best Pied Piper dance cuts on LP to complement our occasional series of 7/inch singles. For them and for everybody, the wait is over thanks to this month's stunning 12/track dancers' delight. It explains why the Pied Piper productions are truly "The Pinnacle Of Northern Soul".All 12 are proven floor/fillers and all the artists *ten in total( enjoy a reputation among collectors without peer.Original copies of the handful of tracks issued at the time of recording continue to command top dollar among those who insist upon original vinyl only. The less obsessed can enjoy them in this terrific collection. Watch out for more Pied Piper from Kent, on CD and vinyl, in the coming months.track listingSIDE ONE1.MORE THAN A MEMORY / Nancy Wilcox 2.OOH IT HURTS ME / The Cavaliers 3.I'M NOT BUILT THAT WAY / The Hesitations 4.THIS HEART IS LONELY / Rose Batiste 5.YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE / Lorraine Chandler 6.THAT'S WHEN I NEED YOU / Freddy Butler SIDE TWO1.WE GO TOGETHER / The Cavaliers PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED RAP INTRO ALTERNATE *2016( 2.VOO DOO MADAMOISELLE / September Jones 3.SET MY HEART AT EASE / Mikki Farrow 4.I CAN'T HOLD ON / Lorraine Chandler 5.I'M COMING HOME / September Jones 6.JUST CAN'T LEAVE YOU / Tony Hester

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