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Cover of: Hacke, Alexander & Picciotto, Danielle De - Perseverantia (+cd)
Perseverantia (+cd)
Potomak | LP | 21 €

An interesting release featuring the couple of Danielle de Picciotto *Love Parade( and Alexander Hacke *a.o. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten(, who both are members of Crime And The City Solution. The album was recorded in the Californian Mojave desert and is mostly instrumental, with a few spoken word sections from Danielle and some throat/singing by Alexander. These vocal parts, the purring and squeaking of the hurdy/gurdy, an ether/plucking harp, melancholic violin melodies and the hum and growl of bass and guitar, all place the listener in an acoustic world of mysteries. This LP includes a free CD/version.

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