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Curlee Wurlee! - Birds & Bees
Curlee Wurlee! - Birds & Bees
Moddy Monkey | LP | 19

"The Franco-German combo Curlee Wurlee! have been together since 1999 but unlike you, they're still as young and fresh as ever, and their sound is as juvenile as a teenager's bedroom: a heated mixture of joy, anger, sadness, love, hate, acne, organ, guitars and confidence. If you know Curlee Wurlee!, you need this album because it is gigantic. If for some reason you don't know them yet, then the more reason". (Kai Becker - The Wrong Society) "This album is good and brilliant, the songs show diversity and have integrity, no other "neo-garage" band has this sound. I love the vocals and believe me, it's way cool to sing in English and French. Be proud!" What happens if you give Ccile, Ralph, Holger and Michael (1) a screaming organ, (2) a twangy guitar, (3) an electric brontosaurus bass and (4) a Stone Age tom-tom drum kit? Well the answer is 14 brilliant, sizzling garage songs that give YOUR ears and mind a roller-coaster ride of the best up to date pop and garage sounds I've come across for a long time on this little grain of sand of planet called Tellus. It's been said before, but lower the stylus, crank up the volume and spread the good music of Curlee Wurlee! to yourself and your neighbours! (Jens Lindberg - The Maharajas) Artworks by Kai Becker!

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