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Cover of: Various - Bloodstains Across Midwest
Bloodstains Across Midwest
Bloodstains | LP | 19 €

Repress!!16 Essential punk rock blasts! Dow Jones & the Industrials,Gizmos, Haskels, Gynecologists, Toxic Reasons, Customs, CrapDetectors, The Five and more!Booklet features liner notes withinfo on all bands and covers of their 45s.Tracklist-DJ & The Industrials*Can't Stand The Midwest-Haskels*Takin' The City By Storm-Embarrassment*Sex Drive-Gizmos*Human Garbage Disposal-Baloneyheads*I'm A Drunk!-Customs*Long Gone-NNBSlack-Latin Dogs*Killed In Jail-Toxic ReasonsWar Hero-Gynecologists*Gym Gerrard-Cult HeroesBerlin Wall-Brain Police*I Let Jenny Ride-Mentally IllSoldier 19-Endtables*Process Of Elimination-Crap DetectorsPolice State-5*Death

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