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Cover of: Various - R&b Hipshakers Vol. 4 (7" Boxset)
R&b Hipshakers Vol. 4 (7" Boxset)
Vampisoul | 7″ Box Set | 55 €

R&B HIPSHAKERS Vol 4. BOSSA NOVA AND GRITSFourth volume of our "R&B Hipshakers" series, featuring rockin' R&B and early soul from the King andFederal catalogues.A compilation of tracks from 1953 to 1967 by essential artists such as Little Willie John, The 5 Royales, LittleEsther, Wynonie Harris, Lula Reed, Freddy King.20 terrific dance cuts selected by genre expert Mr Fine Wine, from WFMU's Downtown Soulville. Several titles reissued for the first time.Hold it, hold it - this ain't over yet! I know: The passage of three long years since we last met may have led you to worry I'd abandoned my noble endeavor to unearth all of the mind-bending rhythm and blues in the nearly bottomless King and Federal vaults. But fear not. To paraphrase the immortal words of Titus Turner in 'Hold Your Loving', I'm gonna keep at it till the meatballs bounce!I'm delighted to report that "Bossa Nova And Grits" features some showstopping acts new to the R&B Hipshakers series: There's 18-year-old Little Esther Phillips and her indelibly nasal voice, which would make her a star for decades to come; her fierce, piano-pounding fellow Texan Camille Howard, pushing 40 by the time she growled "You mole, you!"; Los Angelenos The Lamplighters, led by a young Thurston Harris (doin' sixty-what'd-they-say?!); the otherworldly singer's singer Jimmy Scott, just before a sad 20-year lull in his recording career that would be followed by a fresh round of well-deserved accolades in the 1990s. And then there's our first dip into the oeuvre of guitar god Jimmy Nolen, who would basically invent funk guitar playing a decade later as a member of James Brown's band but is already wielding a pretty expressive instrument in 'The Way You Do'. Some old favorites are back, too: It wouldn't be a Hipshakers box, after all, without brilliant new entries from Little Willie John, The 5 Royales, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, Johnny Watson and Freddy King - he in a rousing dance-floor duet with series stalwart Lula Reed.Non-bouncing meatballs? We've got 'em. Slinky mambo beats? They're here. Back-toback odes to vino? Yep. Wailing instrumentals? But of course. Twin blast-offs to outer space? Check. Now just put the needle on the first record and prepare to taste the sound of these boss grits.Mr Fine WineTRACKLIST1. Bossa Nova And Grits - LITTLE JOE WASHINGTON2. The Way You Do - JIMMY NOLEN3. Cherry Wine - LITTLE ESTHER4. Be-Bop Wino - THE LAMPLIGHTERS5. Hold Your Loving - TITUS TURNER6. Stop Knockin' - JUANITA NIXON7. We'll Never Meet Again - THE MIDNIGHTERS8. Somewhere Down The Line - JIMMY SCOTT9. You're Lower Than A Mole - CAMILLE HOWARD10. Good Mambo Tonight - WYNONIE HARRIS11. She's Gone Too Long - ROY BROWN & His Mighty Mighty Men12. Syam's Blues - KING SYAM13. Love Love Love D-R-E-A-M - GENE WILSON & His Genies14. Same Old Thing - AMOS MILBURN15. You Can't Hide - LULA REED & FREDDY KING16. Back On The Block - SAM ANDERSON & The Telstars17. Baby Don't You Leave Poor Me - CLARENCE PAUL18. Don't Be Ashamed - THE 5 ROYALES19. Mister Glenn - LITTLE WILLIE JOHN20. Space Guitar - YOUNG JOHN WATSON

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