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Cover of: Jean-paul Sartre Experience - I Like Rain (3lp)
I Like Rain (3lp)
Fire Records | LP | 57 €

Issued under exclusive license from Flying Nun, the 3 LPs and assembled bonus tracks showcase the group. Now you can experience the full story.TJPSE began as a band filled with charm at every turn. Making the most of limited recording budgets to find inventive melodies, harmonies, and percussion, and combining them into unique and oddly joyous Kiwipop gems. "Love Songs" captures all of those early EPs and singles, along with their earliest demos. A dark and confident JPSE would emerge with the bracing "The Size of Food". Due to corporate label problems it stands as a lost classic of the era, released without fanfare almost 2 years later. "The Size of Food" collects the US version of the album, including the crucial tracks "Cut Out" and "Mothers" and the "Precious" EP. Finally afforded a sizeable recording budget and surrounded by label glad-handing, "Bleeding Star" would see the songwriting axis shift, but also produce some of their strongest material. Able to embrace technology in the studio fully for the first time, the band vowed to make the most of their chance. "Bleeding Star" collects the original album on LP for the first time, along with bonus tracks encompassing the final maxi-singles and EPs. Fully re-mastered and re-packaged. TRACKLISTING: DISC #1: 01. FISH IN THE SEA 02. OWN TWO FEET 03. FIRETIME 04. GREY PARADE 05. LOVING GRAPEVINE 06. LET THERE BE LOVE 07. TRANSATLANTIC LOVE SONG 08. EINSTEIN 09. ALL THE WAY DOWN 10. JABBERWOCKY 11. CRAP RAP 12. I LIKE RAIN 13. FLEX 14. LET THAT GOOD THING GROW 15. BO DIDDLEY 16. WASTE OF TIME 17. MASKED AND TAPED 18. PEACHES AND CREAM 19. SUZI LUSTLADY 20. FLY 21. FATNESS DISC #2: 01. INSIDE AND OUT 02. ELEMENTAL 03. SLIP 04. SHADOWS 05. CUT OUT 06. MOTHERS 07. GET MY POINT 08. GRAVEL 09. THRILLS 10. WINDOW 11. PRECIOUS 12. CRUSH 13. SLIP DISC #3: 01. INTRO 02. INTO YOU 03. RAY OF SHINE 04. I BELIEVE IN YOU 05. SPACEMAN 06. STILL CAN'T BE SEEN 07. BLEEDING STAR 08. BREATHE 09. MODUS VIVENDI 10. BLOCK 11. ANGEL 12. UP IN THE SKY 13. KICKBACK 14. BLOCK 15. SHIVER 16. INTO YOU (FREEGARD MIX) 17. INTO YOU (STARS ON INTO YOU MIX) (INTO YOU SINGLE) 18. DISAPPEAR 19. HOLD TIGHT 20. OWN TOO FEET

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