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Cover of: Various - 391 Vol.3: Toscana (2xcd)
391 Vol.3: Toscana (2xcd)
Spittle | CD | 21 €

The 391 project was born in 1983 from the desire of two troubled teenagers, from a boring provincial town, Ascoli Piceno, to give life and form to a series of compilations on tape, a picture of the Italian music underground. The name choice was intended as a tribute to the homonymous magazine of Dadaist New York, drawn by painter and poet Francis Picabia. The intent was to geographically organize the musical material, probing the new wave and post-punk groups region by region: A mapping of Italys music, the marginalized and angular, according to this selection criterion: represent the most radical of the new national rock scene, and be a group that grew up in the aftermath of the post-77 explosion, trying to capture its very essence. Despite a great deal of material collected, from various regions, the 391 project stopped in 1985, after the release of the first two volumes dedicated to Marche and Umbria.With the executive production of Spittle Records and involvement of old and new fellow adventurers, we resume the thread widening the sound spectrum, in an effort to be as comprehensive as possible. More than thirty years after its birth, 391 returns to unearth treasures, in many cases not yet emerged, through a new journey into deep Italian underground.CD 1: A1 THE ANTENNAS: Crash into flash (Firenze, 1983) A2 THE GAM ONES: Take me soon (Livorno, 1984) A3 DIA-TRIBA: Im in danger (Lucca, 1983) A4 THE BEESUNTI: In my deepness (Carrara-MS, 1986) A5 EXIT: Starwind station (Firenze, 1983) A6 DR. DODO: .E non serve a niente (Firenze, 1985) A7 LIRICO: Strana vita (Pontassieve-FI, 1985) A8 COMIDA FRUGAL: One face (Reggello-FI, 1987) A9 VANISH MEMORY: Im running too fast (Grassina-FI, 1986) A10 YALTA: A new day (Firenze, 1984) A11 TAPE TRANSFER: Rescue us (Firenze, 1982) A12 OUT OF SYNC: Mechanic dream (Firenze, 1985) A13 CHARLY FUN: Shaman (Terranuova Bracciolini-AR, 1984) A14 L.A.S.'S CRIME: Five lies (Siena, 1987) A15 PAUL RAY: Killer (Firenze, 1982) A16 STILL: Rusty leaves (Firenze, 1984) A17 REDOX: Slow wheel (Firenze, 1986) A18 PASSIFLORA: Lathe biosas (Cecina-LI, 1986) CD 2: B1 ALITO CONTROL: Song of hate (Santa Croce Sull'Arno-PI, 1983) B2 ALOGENA: Taglio sulliride (Livorno, 1987) B3 UNCERTAIN SMILE: The sun (Versilia-LU, 1983) B4 NOT THE SAME JAZZ: Nothing sets in a corner (Firenze, 1989) B5 HANOMEN IXEN: Berliner steine (Pistoia, 1987) B6 STROPHARIA MERDARIA: Hero bird (Firenze, 1987) B7 CIRCOSMOSI: Drean of life, dream of ded (Firenze, 1982) B8 MOSTRI, UOMINI E DEI: Satellite (Castelfranco di Sotto-PI, 1988) B9 NEW-DA: New-da (San Casciano in Val di Pesa-FI, 1989) B10 THANATOU MELOS: Hot lips (Firenze, 1989) B11 SYMBIOSI: Contatti (Colle di Val DElsa-SI, 1987) B12 ZEHELENDORF: Friedhof (Valdarno Aretino-AR, 1987) B13 LA DISCIPLINA: Nella festa del calvario (Ponsacco-PI, 1988) B14 CLAUDIO FUSAI & FRANCO PIRI FOCARDI: Futuro (Rignano Sull'Arno-FI, 1981) B15 TECNOPLURALS: Esistenzialista (Prato, 1983) B16 ZOGARTEN: Bed time in Washington (Grosseto, 1987) B17 QUIDEAU: Standing at the door (Carrara-MS, 1989) B18 DELTA TAU CHI: Il parcheggio dellanima (Livorno, 1984) B19 THE GARDEN: Happy blood (Lucca, 1984)

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