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Cover of: No Spill Blood - Heavy Electricity
Heavy Electricity
Sargent House | LP | 24 €

Dublin, Ireland trio No Spill Blood's ferocious dose of synth-laden aggression, Heavy Electricity comes across with all the brutal heft of underground metal but also with the clever intellect of post-punk bands like Killing Joke and Iceage. The band's shared love of Devo's smarmy synths, Trans Am's rhythmic soundscapes and the Melvins' unencumbered experimentalism brought them together to create a beastly noise using just vocals, bass, synths and drums. Album opener "White Out" kicks things off with a commanding hi-hat to triplet count-in, as bassist/vocalist Matt Hedigan jumps in to the syncopated fray with growling, distortion-soaked bass. It's a moment of syrupy intensity befitting Masters of Reality-era Sabbath until the band suddenly lunges into a driving post-punk riff. "Back To The Earth" sounds like krautrock cranked to 11, with O'Meara's shimmering synth lines warbling over the churning rhythms. The hypnotic and occasionally hallucinogenic 6-1/2 minute "Now II" (featuring guest vocals by Mike Watt) builds subtly open a simple keyboard line into an epic metallic eruption similar to labelmates Russian Circles' awe-inspiring work. Throughout the album's 9-song, 46-minute duration, No Spill Blood never lets up on its intensity and power while still exploring a variety of sounds.

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