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Bolan, Marc & T Rex - The Electric Boogie 1971 (5cd+dvd)
Bolan, Marc & T Rex - The Electric Boogie 1971 (5cd+dvd)
Easy Action | CD Box Set | 47

When Marc Bolan delivered the seminal album Electric Warrior to his record company he knew he was now free to set up his own Record label and run things his way. Over the next six months free of contracts Marc recorded the basis of what would become his next ( and biggest selling) album The Slider for his own label The T.Rex Hot Wax Co. Alongside these tracks this box set features tracks that never ever made it onto record and have been included here for the very first time. This material has been gathered together over many years from collectors, fans and auction rooms and is controlled by the family and produced in association with The Official Marc Bolan Merch.Co 6 Disc set containing totally unheard material from Marcs home recorded tapes including huge hits like Jeepster, Telegram Sam & Get it on being worked on from the bare bones.Newly found live tapes from the summer tour of 1971DVD contains unseen footage Full Colour booklet with in depth notes and unpublished photographs from this explosive period in Bolans career Disc ONE:- Spring London 1971 Home Demos Blenheim Cresent 60.56 1.Jeepster 2.Electric Warrior / There was a time 3.Dark Lipped Woman 4.Guitar Jam #1 5.Get it on 6.Guitar Jam #2 7.Planet Queen 8.Guitar Jam#3 9.Guitar Jam#4 10.Jeepster ( work in progress) 11.Lifes a gas (Acoustic) 12.Gypsy queen ( My shaky Jane ) 13.Girl I&II (acoustic work in progress) 14.Guitar Jam#5 15.Get it on blues 16. Sailors of the highway 4 track demo Disc TWO :- The T. Rex Summer Tour of 71 75:49 1.Cadilac (Clifton Park Rotherham 28th August 1971) 2.Ride A White Swan (Clifton Park Rotherham 28th August 1971) 3.Hot Love (Clifton Park Rotherham 28th August 1971) 4.Get It On (Clifton Park Rotherham 28th August 1971) 5.Jewel (Clifton Park Rotherham 28th August 1971) 6.Beltane Walk (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971) 7.One Inch Rock (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971)8.Spaceball Ricochet (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971) 9.Debora (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971) 10.Instrumental Jam (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971) 11.Elemental Child (Wolverhampton 19th May 1971) Disc Three The T.Rex Summer Tour 1971 Part Two 1.Beltane Walk (Trentham Gardens Stoke -on - Trent 22.8.71) 2.Girl (Trentham Gardens Stoke -on - Trent 22.8.71) 3.Debora (Trentham Gardens Stoke -on - Trent 22.8.71) 4.Spaceball Ricochet (Royal Ballrooms, Bournemouth 12.08.71) 5.Girl (Royal Ballrooms, Bournemouth 12.08.71) 6.Cosmic Dancer (Royal Ballrooms, Bournemouth 12.08.71) 7.Ride a White Swan (Odeon Lewisham 9.7.71) 8.Get it on (Odeon Lewisham 9.7.71) 9.Summertime blues (Odeon Lewisham 9.7.71) 10.Sumertime Blues (Rehearsals) 11.Jam (Rehearsals) 12.Honey Dont (Rehearsals) 13.Sumertime Blues Version II (Rehearsals) Disc Four: Autumn 71 home demos 51.56 1.Buick McKane #1 2.Buick McKane 3.Cadilac (Marc n Mickey demo) 4.Rock On 5.Guitar piece 6.The Slider 7.Baby Strange (acoustic work in progress) 8.Telegram Sam (Marc n Mickey demo) 9.Thunderwing 10.Buick McKane #2 11.Spaceball Ricochet 12.Sunken Rags Home demo 13.Rainy Monday 14.I Knew a girl 15.Guitar piece 16.Baron of Wimpole Street 17.Take me down to Birmingham Disc Five : The Electric Boogie 1971 1.Electric Boogie (unused mix from Oct/Nov 71) 2.The Electric Warrior (Interview with Michael Cuscuna prt one)3.Raw Ramp (unused mix from Oct/Nov71) 4.The Electric Warrior (Interview with Michael Cuscuna prt two) 5.T.Rex Studio Jam 6.Jeepster (Oct 71) 7.Lifes a gas (Oct 71) 8.Baby Strange (Oct 71) 9.Children of Rarn suite (Oct 71) 10.Everybodys Loose (WGLG Chicago December 1971) Disc Six : Dvd " 1971 " Contains material from live footage, interviews and promo and TV Jeepster & Get it on Promos Hot love from European TV Jeepster montage used for Top of the pops shot live on the electric warrior tour

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