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Cover of: Movie Star Junkies - Evil Moods
Evil Moods
Voodoo Rhythm | CD | 17 €

Movie Star Junkies are back with a grudge. The new album, "Evil Moods", sets things clear right from the title. Lyrically inspired by the pioneers of noir/hardboiled fiction like Dashiell Hammett, James Cain and Jim Thompson (whom the eponimous song is dedicated to) as well as by autobiographic experiences, the music also sees a return to the grittier, sleazier mood of their first two records, after "Son Of The Dust" (Outside Inside/Wild Honey, 2012) had seen the band walking paths that led them across the sun-scorched territories of folk and americana. The sound is more sombre and dry than before, managing to put on soulful, almost funky moves on tales of desperation and coming away with it like the Pop Group were raised on moonshine while bathing in a swamp. Recorded in Italy and mixed in Berlin, the record features on two songs the percussive work of Maximilian Weissenfeldt of Heliocentrics and Whitefield Brothers fame and once again the honor of bringing this slab of discomfort on the market falls on those Swiss merchants of dirt known as Voodoo Rhythm, who were responsible in the first place for unleashing the Junkies on the world with "Melville" (2008) and "A Poison Tree" (2010).

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