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Cover of: Son Palenque - Afro-colombian Sound Modernizers
Afro-colombian Sound Modernizers
Vampisoul | CD | 13 €

[ENG]First-ever compilation of the recordings of Son Palenque, the finest expression of the musical union between Africa and Colombia which took place in Colombia's Caribbean coast during the 70s and 80s. Son Palenque took the rich variety of African styles played at the popular sound systems and merged them into the region's traditions, giving shape to entrancing songs which featured wonderful vocals.TRACKLIST:1. CUMBIA AFRICANA2. UNYE UNYE 3. TUNGALALA (EL SAPO) 4. CHANDE 5. DAME UN TRAGO 6. CHOFAO APELE 7. ATINA TINA 8. EL TIGRE 9. ARRIBA ARRIBA 10. AZUCA Y LIMON 11. PALENGUE PALENGUE12. ADIOS BATATA 13. PABETE 14. ACHINAGUA 15. LAREPA' SA 16. EL TILITATA 17. EL MOJAN 18. ALOCUSA [END]

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