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Ernestus, Mark Presents Jeri-jeri - Ndagga Versions
Ndagga | LP | 17 €

Nda#a music, more co(only ca&ed Mbalax - although mostly unrecognized outside of Senegal and the Gambia - isnot a pa)ing musical trend. This absorbing, densely multi-layered dance music is the mainstream soundtrack of everydaylife - if not "r!ts" music then certainly r!ted music.Typica&y based on centuries-old rhythms, with the traditional sabar drums and tamas (talking drums) at its core, it isd'ply r!ted in Senegambia's ancient griot culture while being open to modern influences like electrified guitars andba) and marimba synths. There is no distance betw'n the traditional and the modern.Jeri-Jeri in its local context is the name of master percu)ionist Bakane Seck's own clan of dru(ers; here it designatesa p!l of distinguished Mbalax musicians a)embled by Mark Ernestus with Seck's help and guidance. The musicians andsingers featured in the project represent this music at its very best, a& bringing their own unique styles, yet with thediscipline to play as part of one entity without the n'd to stick out.The music could be described as a intricate mesh of interacting yet diverse elements, or a ma)ive wa& of rhythm thathas not one dominating gr!ve but is soaked through with micro gr!ves, that has not one obvious focal point yetthrough its interwoven layers o,ers many points of focus.Advanced and complex polyrhythms, mercile)ly beaten out on drums playing synchronously or against each other withextreme precision, yet wild and at times s'mingly l!se or even on the brink of chaos.The stringent repetitivene) combined with the rhythmic complexity and interwove%e) is what a"racted Mark Ernestusto Mbalax, eventua&y culminating in this project. Mark may be known and we&-regarded for his work in the realms oftechno and dub but this should not obscure the fact that the over-riding sensibility of his work, whether it be with BasicCha%el, Rhythm & Sound or his recent remixes, is one of repetition and reduction.In his role as producer, a-anger and mixer in this project, rather than pre"ifying the music for non-local audiences, hisa+roach is to sharpen the focus on the raw e)entials of the musical form, in order to let it shine through in its mostundiluted form.

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