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Cover of: Komodina 3 - Komodina 3
Komodina 3
Slovenly | LP | 20 €

What we have here is the disastrous, teeth-grinding missing link between The Penetrators "Kings of Basement Rock" LP, The Rip Offs uber-classic "Got A Record," and whatever other garage punk shit youre listening to now, like if WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! were covering the Killed By Death catalog instead of Back From The Grave. Komodina 3 is a budget-rock anomaly recorded in radically separated stereophonic sound. Ridiculous dumpster drums augmented by a childish assortment of cheap shaking devices, cheesy Farfisa Compact organ just the way we like it, guitars thatll have you reaching for your itch-powder, and juvenile A.D.D. vocals (sung entirely in Greek!) that numb your cerebellum like the earliest SPITS recordings.

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